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The Mason Contractors Association of Western Pennsylvania (MCAWP) is a not-for-profit organization of union masonry contractors and supplier members that has been serving the Pennsylvania masonry industry for over 50 years. The MCAWP was founded primarily to provide a negotiating and promotional arm for masonry construction in western Pennsylvania – this goal remains today! The MCAWP has made it a mission to promote masonry as a career choice and to foster good business practices. The benefits are far-reaching and long-lasting.

The purpose of the MCAWP is to develop and improve the masonry industry in the region by:

  • Encouraging and aiding in the education and development of apprentices, and the cross-training of journey workers in the masonry construction industry.
  • Promoting the use of masonry as the premier building material both structurally and architecturally.
  • Generally, encourage a return to building with brick, block, stone, marble, tile, and other durable masonry products that provide superior longevity in construction design.